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Carpet Cleaning

MasterClean Professionals are thorough and courteous at all times.





Carpet Cleaning

We have an 8-step cleaning process to ensure your carpets are cleaned right, and we have a page that reviews the 8-step carpet cleaning process for you.

Air Ducts

If it has been two years or longer, you may want to consider air duct cleaning to improve the quality of indoor air and reduce dust. It is especially advised for homes with young children, elderly people, and/or those with allergies. As an environmental health risk, indoor air quality ranks among the top. The EPA states that indoor air can be as much as 70 times more polluted than outside air.


      At MasterClean, we use an advanced method for air duct cleaning that thoroughly scrubs and vacuums each duct at the same time. First we clean and sanitize your vent covers to remove cooking oil film, nicotine film,and other dust collecting substances. We then deep clean the return air supply. Each duct is then brush vacuumed clean with our exclusive, patented carpet roto-mate. During the air duct cleaning process, the carpet roto-mate removes the allergy and disease-causing contaminants that continuously circulate throughout the system and the home. We will sanitize your air ducts with an environmentally safe sanitizer commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes. This reduces the risk of contaminant growth and leaves behind a fresh scent.


We proudly serve the following regions with this valuable service:

Enlarged Dust Mite


The Woodlands air duct dirt removal
Houston air duct dirt mite removal
Conroe air duct cleaning
Kingwood air duct clean up
Spring air duct cleaning
Atascoceta air duct mold elimination
Humble air duct cleaning
Katy air duct dust depletion
Sugarland air duct grime deletion

Upholstery Cleaning

We clean all fabrics excluding suede. Most fabrics can be cleaned with a hot water extraction, however some delicate fabrics must be cleaned without any water, requiring a dry clean, dry foam method. Our technicians are professionally trained to recognize the fabric and use the proper technique for each fabric. Our price is the same for either method. Beware of unscrupulous cleaners that quote an extremely low price over the phone, then upon arrival they double, or ever triple the price of cleaning your furniture fabrics, saying they require "special treatment," even fabrics that can be cleaned with the hot water.

We proudly serve the following regions with this valuable service:

The Woodlands upholstery cleaners
Houston upholstery freshening
Conroe upholstery spot removal
Kingwood upholstery cleaning
Spring upholstery cleaning
Atascoceta upholstery dirt removal
Humble upholstery cleaning
Katy upholstery steaming
Sugarland upholstery cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing

At MasterClean, we apply a professional tile and grout cleaning agent that loosens the soil in the grout joint on the surface of the tile. We then use special tile equipment to rinse out the grout and tile using very hot water, with temperatures up to 220° and a high pressure system from our truck-mount unit. We highly recommend sealing the grout to help prevent future permanent stains. It will stay clean longer.

We proudly serve the following regions with this valuable service:

The Woodlands tile sanitization and grout dirt removal
Houston tile sanitization and grout spot removal
Conroe tile and grout stain elimination
Kingwood  tile and grout sanitization
Spring tile and grout stain removal
Atascoceta tile cleaning and grout stain lifting
Humble tile and grout freshening
Katy tile cleaning and grout cleaning
Sugarland tile and grout dirt and stain elimination

Drapery Cleaning

We at MasterClean use a professional cleaning agent for draperies that allow us to clean them while they hang! No need to remove them, no pickup or delivery fees.

We proudly serve the following regions with this valuable service:

The Woodlands drapery steam cleaners
Houston drapery steam clean
Conroe drapery steam clean
Kingwood drapery stain removal
Spring drapery dirt elimination
Atascoceta drapery cleaners
Humble drapery stain lifters
Katy drapery steaming
Sugarland drapery freshening


Carpet Repairs and Re-Stretching

If you are noticing "buckles" and "wrinkles" in your carpet, this probably means you need it re-stretched. Our powerful stretcher will make it look as tight as new. If you have damages to your carpet such as seams coming apart, holes, or permanent stains we can also repair those, too!

We proudly serve the following regions with this valuable service:

The Woodlands carpet repairs, The Woodlands carpet stretchers
Houston carpet repairs, Houston carpet stretching
Conroe carpet repairs, Conroe carpet stretching
Kingwood carpet repairs, Kingwood  carpet stretching
Spring carpet repairs, Spring carpet stretching
Atascoceta carpet repairs, Atascoceta carpet stretching
Humble carpet repairs, Humble carpet stretching
Katy carpet repairs, Katy carpet stretching
Sugarland carpet repairs, Sugarland carpet stretching


Oriental Rug Cleaning

If you MasterClean will professionally clean all types of the fine oriental area rugs including wool and Persian. We can clean the rug in the home or business excluding two exceptions:

1.  Pet odor and/or pet stains on the area rug
2.  The rug is on a wood floor and cannot be cleaned anywhere else in the home.
      Therefore we must bring the rug to our office to clean.

Wool rugs require special attention to prevent fading and running. Here at MasterClean our certified technicians are trained to use the proper technique.

The Woodlands oriental rug cleaning
Houston oriental rug spot removal and clean
Conroe oriental rug dirt removal
Kingwood oriental rug dirt and spot elimination
Spring oriental rug freshening
Atascoceta oriental rug steaming
Humble oriental rug stain removal
Katy oriental rug cleaning
Sugarland oriental rug cleaning

Pet Odor Removal

Cleaning alone will not remove pet odors from the carpet, area rugs, and upholstery. We need to use a live enzyme treatment that kills the bacteria causing odor. We use this on vomit, mildew and garbage. Most of these odors can be topically removed with the enzyme. However, extreme cases require a more radical remedy in which our technicians are trained to apply as well.

We proudly serve the following regions with this valuable service:


The Woodlands pet odor removal
Houston pet odor elimination
Conroe pet odor removal
Kingwood pet odor elimination
Spring pet odor removal
Atascoceta pet odor elimination
Humble pet odor removal
Katy pet odor elimination
Sugarland pet odor removal



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